What is skin barrier?

Skin barrier also known as moisture barrier. It locates in the outermost layer that holds skin cells together and plays an important role to make sure cells on skin surface retain enough water. Healthy skin barrier displays smooth, clear and even complexion. Skin barrier acts as brick of a building. It provides protection over harmful substances from environment, prevent water loss, maintain good hydration and keep the firmness and bounciness of skin.

What happen if the skin barrier is damaged?

Once skin barrier is damaged, it can cause more troubles and skin problems. Harmful chemicals can easily penetrate into skin and causing inflammation and irritation. That’s where skin is prone to become more sensitive. Skin will tend to appear dull and dehydrated as water from skin is evaporated to the environment. Damaged barrier will cause skin to lose its ability to hold water molecules and protective properties. As a result, skin become more irritated, formation of acne, dry and flaky skin, and excessive sebum production.

How skin barrier is damaged?

Over exfoliating

Exfoliating frequently or exfoliating with a lot of pressure can cause rupture of skin barrier. Excessive pressure can strip off protective layer on skin surface, result in inflammation and redness on skin.

Excessive cleansing

Excessive use of cleanser can strip away the natural moisture and make skin become tight and dry. Skin are prone to become sensitive.

Damage from sun rays

UVA and UVB can causing a lot of trouble to skin if it is not being prevented from having direct contact to skin. Sunburn can make skin appear to be dry.

How to keep skin barrier healthy?

Use gentle cleanser

Change from foaming cleanser to gel cleanser or lotion that is milder to avoid skin getting too dry.

Less scrubbing

Reduce exfoliating activities and use gentle scrub if you need to do exfoliating. Don’t exfoliate too often and reduce the pressure

Balance skin pH

Regulate skin pH using toner and keep skin pH low around 4.5 to 5.5.

Use moisturizer

The use of moisturizer helps to restore skin moisture and replenish water loss

Apply SPF

Never step out without applying sunscreen and don’t forget to reapply if you are under a long exposure to sunlight.

Avoid sensitive ingredients

Avoid product that contains alcohol and fragrance as it can cause irritation to skin.

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